The ‘Modolfo’ Study

The following videos are analysis of training footage from the 2019 'Modolfo' ADCC Camp prior to the ADCC World Championships later in the year.

Attendees included Gordon Ryan, JT Torres, Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan, Ethan Crelinsten, Kade Ruotolo, Tye Ruotolo, Oliver Taza amongst others.

The training you will see is not 100% competition training; it is on a more laid back and developmental level, which allows us to understand a lot more of the athletes games.

One of the key insights that this series of rolls will allow you to understand is that the athletes are prepared to put themselves in poor positions and train all kinds of scenarios even against some of the best in the world without the fear of looking bad. How often do you get top see Gordon Ryan defending a late phase armbar or escaping a JT Torres mount position?

I have personally taken a lot away from this study, and combined with studies on the athlete's competition performances, it provides critical insight into elite level grappling.

Back Takes

Top Spin to Seat Belt Back Take (JT Torres)

Turtle Back Take and Finish (Gordon Ryan)


Half Guard Pummel to Mount (JT Torres)

Half Guard Pummel to Mount (Gordon Ryan)

Inversion Kill to North South (Gordon Ryan)

Passing Sequence (JT Torres)

Submission Defence & Escapes

Armbar Escape (Gordon Ryan)

Positional Defence & Escapes

Stopping the Back Take When Turning Away (Nicky Ryan)

Bottom Hand Fighting to Prevent Head Control (Nicky Ryan)

Back Take Defence and Escape (Nicky Ryan)

Mount Escapes (Gordon Ryan)

Leg Attacks

Inside Heel Hook and 50/50 Entry (Craig Jones)

Half Guard to Leg Entry from Cleared Overhook (Gordon Ryan)

Shoulder Crush to Leg Entry (Gordon Ryan)